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Top privacy coins for 2018

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:36 am

As part of my investment plan I have a number of privacy coins. I started with Zcash obviously, then bought into Monero. Finally I came across Deep Onion. Sure its a newer project, but its features are miles ahead of the others: Deep Vault, Deep Send and Vote Central coming soon. Prices are much lower than Zcash for now.

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Re: Top privacy coins for 2018

Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:40 am

The core technology behind Monero, RingCT ensures transactional privacy but not necessarily transactional party anonymity. Alternatives like Zcoin and Zcash employ Zerocoin protocol (zk- SNARK for ZCash which is a modification of the zero knowledge proof) which is great at ensuring anonymity but not necessarily transactional privacy.

VEIL which combines the RingCT technology of Monero and the Zerocoin protocol proves to be the most secure means of transaction currently. It also employs the Dandelion protocol for IP obfuscation at the network layer, ensuring privacy and anonymity at both the blockchain level and network layer.

I think you should have a closer look at it. It may be a gem!

Please find out more about it and share your thoughts on it.

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