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Electron GUI

Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:58 am

Multi-platform and multi-node GUI for Vcash. You can find the latest release here and source code here.


Disclaimer: I (@whphhg) am the creator of this GUI, but not of Vcash itself. I've been learning about Bitcoin for a short period of time when I found this coin with a mixed PoW and PoS consensus that had the ability to spend the coins a few seconds after receiving them. However, there was no GUI for Linux, so I've started to learn about Node.js and created my first GUI using Express.js and Socket.io. Since then I've learned about Electron, React, Redux, MobX and created this GUI, with the goal of making it as simple, clean and intuitive as I could.

During this time the creator of the coin @john-connor left and deleted the website, forums and git repository. Shortly after, @xCoreDev decided to keep the community together and provided a website snapshot and forum hosting along with c++ improvements, and @bettertimes handled the BitcoinTalk and Twitter account.

I couldn't have predicted that it would get abandoned, which is why I haven't tweeted or otherwise talked about the GUI. I can live with it never seeing the light of day, even if it is one of my biggest accomplishments so far. However, I would never forgive myself if anyone else bought coins based on the GUI alone and got burned in the end because of the coin and it's history.

I'm not saying that the coin doesn't work, but I've decided to add this disclaimer because I'm not a c++ programmer and am unable to verify how it works on my own to give you a definite conclusion. Please do your due diligence.

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