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Bitcoin is successful due to mass media marketing

Sun May 05, 2019 12:22 am

Bitcoin is successful due to mass media marketing
Bitcoin is by far the most understood cryptocurrency in the general population. Most people have heard of bitcoin, own it, or know somebody that owns it. It’s hard not to get swept up in bitcoin mania, when there are millions of bitcoin videos on YouTube, financial experts talk about it, Netflix produced a documentary on in and shorty after releasing this it, the price of bitcoin spiked. This is where the problem lies with bitcoin, it’s too well known, which could possible make it the worst investment one could make in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, as the first mass adoptive crypto has already had its day in the sun and is already extremely expensive, it’s exploded in price by a few hundred thousand percent. In 2009 the price of a single bitcoin was a few cents, fast-forward to 2019 and the price of a single bitcoin is now well over $5,500. A far better investment would be to look at alternatives to bitcoin, these coins are called altcoins. Altcoins are far cheaper, have a little more risk, and have not reached mass adoption in the global crypto market, meaning they are prone to explosive moves, some upwards of 10,000 times your original investment. While searching through the extensive list of altcoins I came across a real gem, this altcoin is called canyacoin CAN, it powers the freelance platform called CanWork. Canya is an Australian start-up and aims is to disrupt the $2 trillion services economy via the usage of a cryptocurrency, hence lowering the fees of the platform. Canyacoin CAN has a current market capatilzation of $1.5 million USD, it charges a 1% fee to use its platform. Its major competitor is called Upwork , currently valued at over $2.2 billion USD and it charges a gigantic fee of 20% to use its platform. As you can clearly see freelancers may cancel their accounts with Upwork in favor of a 20 fold reduction of fees on CanWork. A natural flow of freelancers will move towards cheaper fee based platforms as they seek to regain more monetary compensation for the valuable work that they contribute to the freelance gig economy. Upwork may struggle to attract and retain freelancers as the momentum builds throughout freelance community shifting focus from the current price gouging platforms on offer to them. Social media will amplify their voices and enable Canwork to really succeed. This is why I believe this altcoin is extremely undervalued and extremely oversold and is due for a massive bounce. Buy canyacoin CAN now!
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