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Event AngBao TAGG Get Free $8 - 28 form SIXCAP (Forex Singapore)

Sat Jan 28, 2017 6:39 pm

LEST PLAY TAGG Companies SIXCAP (forex singapore) launched a new program-based game that is Tagg

Basic introduction :
1. What is Tagg / Playtagg?
Tagg is a strategy game that is designed to allow players to get usd / money when they play. To play this game you need to make an investment or gain node of the giveaway event. Giveaway Event ever held: Ang Bao (February 2016), Unicorn Reward (September 2016), and revintheair (December 2016)
Tagg is a mobile game that is currently in the process of making the APK to google PlayStore and ios. So whilst it to play, you must access their official website.

2. Where did they get the money to pay your benefits? Tagg is the product of a forex company in singapore named SIX CAPITAL official website is here ( where they hope to establish Tagg this game there will be a lot of people are investing for incoming mereka.Uang used to provide leverage the forex players in SIX CAPITAL (eg when you play forex with 50 usd but can play the funds 5000 4950 usd usd money was coming from investors Tagg) so that they will benefit more and instead has borrowed your money .. it will be compensated.




Well on this occasion SIXCAP collaboration with AirAsia holding a new event named #REVINTHEAIR. Where new users can get free Gift 10-1000 USD without top up ..



Event AngBao TAGG Get Free $8 - 28 form SIXCAP (Forex Singapore) 2733.png✳️2733.png✳️FREEE2733.png✳️2733.png
- Paypal / Bank Account

1. Login your facebook and CLICK HERE
2. For registration click the icon image AngBao, and enter your desired username "uppercase / caps lock"


3. Enter your desired username "uppercase / caps lock" and Complete your personal data.


4. After completion register, Claim your AngBao click the icon image AngBao to earn $ 8 -28 CLICK HERE


5. Don't forget your e-mail verification, Login your TAGG Account HERE
6. Go to dashboard and click " Your Profile "


7. fill in your account profile, "Manage Profile & Manage Wallet"


8. Congratulations you've managed to get AngBao, to check the results can login by clicking "Tagg exiting Or enter your email here to see your own AngBao" example image below:


9. You can invite your friends and get more AngBao for $ 8 / Sign up


your redemption code to your email at the end of the campaign on February 17, 2017. Happy New Year and Happy TAGGing!


Terms In Games

To start the game and generate usd is no need to understand some terms in the following games:

Node >> are pieces of energy-generating usd for you, will never be lost, expired, non-transferable, and will never lose its face value (guaranteed by the company SIX CAPITAL)
There are three types of nodes, namely
Green $10
Blue $100
Yellow $1000

Yield >> is the amount of money generated by your node.

Salvage >> destroy your node to be melted into the wallet while

Deploy >> enable node sehinnga yielding

Nexus >> a collection of 10 nodes into one pyramid

Stimpack / Stim >> is a feature to increase your monthly income by turning off features that you can not salvage melt node but the greater your earning usd per month.
100% Paying
Free LTC just sign up here:

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