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Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:33 pm

Hello there vcash fans, dropping in to make a request. I think it’s time for another round of email requests to shapeshift requesting they add Vcash to their exchange. We have been on the front page of polo and getting lots of attention lately along with major updates in the last months. We are nearly two years old and we have made lots of progress. I think it’s time to we get on shapeshift. So I am calling on the community because IMHO is the only way we will be noticed by shapeshift. Think of how much value shapeshift would add to XVC. Getting added would make it easier for new users to try Vcash. If you think our coin deserves this then join me go to > click Support > select Contact Us & then submit a coin request for Vcash.

This what I sent feel free to use it if you wish:
Subject: Coin Request : Vcash (XVC)

I am a member of the vcash community humbly requesting Shapeshift to add Vcash (XVC) to the exchange. Arguably, the most innovative cryptocurrency in this space; Vcash for nearly two years has aimed to be the fastest and most convenient cryptocurrency for real world use. With the recent release of desktop SPV+ wallet (dubbed ZeroLedger) now lets users securely spend near instant transactions in minutes after downloading the wallet. With the addition of the autonomous block size implementation Vcash now has unlimited TPS granting XVC a fundamental requirement for mass adoption and mainstream use. Vcash is currently available on 3 major exchanges including Poloniex, Bittrex and Rawx.

Official site:
Official Github:

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Just sent another coin request to shapeshift w/updated message. :arrow:

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