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[ANN] [Start-up] Coinediction - a cryptocurrency predictions marketplace

Sat Apr 06, 2019 8:25 pm

A new platform, Coinediction, now introduces a novel way to earn by predicting the prices of cryptocurrencies.

There is no secret in the way crypto traders and investors keep their eyes glued to the price fluctuations of their favorite crypto currency. Crypto-currencies have opened up a wide range of avenues for both investors and traders to reap high returns. Coinediction is a novel marketplace for crypto analysts and investors to make money by simple predicting the next price levels of cryptocurrencies.

Using Coinediction, investors will get a chance to intelligently invest in their crypto coins by following the predictions of top analysts available on the platform. Investors will be able to search among thousands of such predictions that they can choose to follow. Online tools will let them filter and sort predictions by returns, coin name and price per prediction. They can also pay a subscription to follow their chosen analysts.

Crypto analysts will find their skills in great demand on Coinediction. They can monetize their predictions by selling them to the platform. Coinediction will allow predictions on any type of cryptocurrency for any point in the future. The platform uses Binance prices to track prediction performance. Crypto analysts will be followed by investors, and will get to cash out and get paid more for each prediction yielding positive returns.

“Coinediction is a novel tool for crypto analysts and investors to earn extra money by predicting cryptocurrency prices in the future. Once traders register and start creating predictions, we will calculate their stats. Upon launch of the platform, traders will have readymade stats and can continue to earn more,” said a spokesperson for Coinediction.

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