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Hi all!
My name is ISABELLE
For some time the world of the crypto has suffered more reforms in some countries than others.
In this dynamic, I announce to make loans in crypto.
In reality, these are not loans to the generality as our currencies. These loans are fully professional and request that several conditions are met.
I will talk about these conditions. For those who are interested, write to this mail and ask all your questions:
One of the most important conditions is whether your project is for example a business in General and that you have a team, then it is the acceptance that your company or your business name instead be linked to an ICO that will be created and managed by lenders to quickly cover what they have invested. ICO projects are also accepted under certain conditions of course.
What these lenders earn?
It's huge. Your project, after study, of course, is funded at 100%. Then, lenders have a share in your company between 10-20%. Also the recovery of funds by the ICO initialized by lenders can generate 150-200-300 or 400% that is huge, but also less than 100%. If it is a project of ICO, you have 15-25% on profits. But they will surely say that safe has nothing. That is why certain conditions must be met by the project contractors and more importantly the project itself.
NB: You won't have to pay anything.

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