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Cryptocurrency India Forum

Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:51 am

Cryptocurrency India Forum:
Want to be part of the active group of serious users who have or want to invest in Cryptocurrency (BTC, Ether, Ripple or alike) & want to have serious discussion while sharing their experiences of various platforms (Indian & International) #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain #ripple #litecoin #DASH #NXT

a. This group strictly restricts affiliate, airdrop or any other become overnight rich schemes or promotion of MLM or the same.
b. This group is not for mining or ICO topic discussions.
c. Spammers & marketers are restricted.

Join from the given link:
Linkedin: ... dia-forum/
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Re: Cryptocurrency India Forum

Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:01 am

Post for Beginners: Checkout BitCoin Exchanges in India to Buy/Sell Bitcoin (BTC) & other Cryptocurrency's (Bitcoin, ETH, RIPPLE):

Zebpay (Expensive, easiest to understand & invest)
Unocoin (Expensive but easy to understand & trade)
Koinex (Order Book Basis with 100% transparency)
Coindelta (Order Book Basis with 100% transparency & multiple coins)
CoinSecure (Overall good website just the user interface is not friendly)
Bitxoxo (Transactions are delayed & manual)
Buyucoin (Multiple Currencies Trading Possible)
Pocketbits (Looks promising, fast account opening/KYC) Referral Code: BU99-F217
Cryptoidol (Multiple Alt coins, low fees, transparent approach)

Binance Multiple Currencies Trading (Lower Fees & supports all forks) Multiple Currencies Trading (Higher Rates, Credit Card Possible)

Disclaimer: All cryptocurrencies are subject to market risk & buying/selling/exchange/transfers is or would be your own sole call for which you only would be responsible. This group or admin is in noway responsible for your profit/loss/illegal or unlawful step taken using the cryptocurrencies etc.

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Re: Cryptocurrency India Forum

Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:49 pm

We have a pump group with over 2500 accredited investors that pump and hold coins. The team also spends thousands of dollars on advertisements during the pump making it last longer so everyone can profit. The groups last pump reached over 5500%! -

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