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Looking for a reliable pool for mining?

Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:52 pm

Consider - a relatively new but profitable service - it has already paid $455,642 to miners in the last few months.

The pool fee is only 1% and the ucle rate is low. The pool pays money every 2 hours, you can rent physical servers and enhance your capacity - and therefore increase your earnings. Direct integration with Nicehash is also available. Join Uleypool and start getting profit!

* We provide real physical servers
* We have our own trust notes in different regions
* Low uncle rate
* High luck
* Each of the data centers provides fault-tolerant high-speed communication channels
* For your convenience, we provide the minimum ping in the territory of America and Europe
* Absolutely all payments for blocks, uncles and transfer percents
*Regular payments: every 2 hours
* Honest payouts: PPLNS system with a 50000 shares depth
* DDOS protection
* 1% pool fee
* Full Stratum protocol compliance
* Notification on faults via email
* Full integration with Nicehash, allowing you to rent computing power directly from the main page of the pool
* Unique design
* Detailed statistics on your wallet
* Detailed statistics on every worker (effective, registered,average hashrate: a chart for the last day)
* Filter workers by hashrate, shares, additional filter for non-active workers
• Information updates about the workers every 30 seconds
* Storage of information about your workers within 24 hours
*Displaying the share of your solutions and information on rewards
* List of all your payouts with a detailed chart
* Estimated income calculator for your effective hashrate
* Ability to set the minimum payout threshold at your discretion
* Ability to generate a .bat-file for quick setup of your miner
* Detailed statistics of the pool: luck, percentage of uncle blocks, etc.
* The interface is fully adapted to mobile devices
* Our own Telegram bot

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Re: Looking for a reliable pool for mining?

Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:55 pm

"Maybe check if something is blocking them?… Anyway, there is nothing that tuning the settings couldn’t save. :) And if it couldn’t save them still… Well, you can, at least, recover: ... bx-2gb.htm
But I hope it’s not that bad!"

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