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What wast that kind of alert message with Satoshi code mean?

Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:14 pm

What wast that kind of alert message with Satoshi code mean?
It is a result of some of circumstances which we constructed. But we have all the codes ourselves, as I reported and promised they may be openned.

I invented Bit-Coin, as briefed form of Independent Electronic Money project. And briefly I described it on several news groups. (Faster of all Google removed my posting. And I also reported that another person was chosen to complete Bit-Coin. And also I admitted Spelling BitCoin without dash. When WebMoney locked my account, with several manipulations, they Ukrainian office of WebMoney was nearly hit by lightning. However I promised something more categoric. Particularly It was also used naming BitMoney as alternative to WebMoney, which in their order were posses as alternative to Independent Electronic Money never implemented the BitCoin precursor.)
Is Andriesen, Satoshi Nakamoto? No!
Am I Satoshi Nakamoto? No.
Who's Satoshi Nakamoto? He did my job when I faced terror of Security Service of Ukraine, their systematic abuses with mind control equipment, for their corruption. As for example at the places of their operative abuses only during last days it were happened about about 10 different bloody accidents, each spontaneous, that's calming them down. And of course Independent Electronic Money and BitCoin Core and bit-coin as conception were aimed against them than their friends in in US Dep. of State, particularly paid by Poroshenko, Pinchuk, Rabinovich, Leonid Kuchma and other Jews and Ukrainians. They established such terror machine as first they suspect that I may be connected to killing of Babchenko, to establishing of Avalanche groups, systematically commit their ugly debill's terror, and after they excuse themselves with their Ronald Noble, ben-Zana al-Interpoli, Barak Obama, Gena Haspel, Mad-Len All-Bright only change their mind when it is are events looking as impact of weapon which Americans and their smart Jews may not create.
When minister of interior of Ukraine was locked in Alp mountains last winter, with unusual weather impact he risked to be literally killed by avalanche, or at least his Armenian connection from France if attempted to get to him from France; he behaved better, even stopped to do manipulations about Avalanche groups seaming cases.
So I needed someone who'd implement conception of Bit-Coin or BitCoin.
Nakamoto had to complete his job and to hide. Leaving BitCoin as a case without handle to our opponents, for it to be heavy to carry and pity to throw. Do they really want to be in well?
This time it was used code that kind of alert code.
One of reasons to create BitCoin, was to undermine dollar hegemony, and as a result American corruption and terro network. Weak America means for me, not support for Poroshenko and Kuchma, Lutsenko and Chechetov, Mohilyov and Timoshenko with her Pavlo Ivanovich Lazarenko and others connected to corruption and their endless terror, no escape route for Theresa May and Tony Blair. As for example it were serious accident of Tony Blair escape rout in Kazakhstan, and in London.
Satoshi himself will be hiding. He did his job on BitCoin and returned to his usual jobs.


What do I want?
Well I want 1 BTC a day along 30 years, and about 100 hundred BTC ahead. If so we may promise bitcoin busting plan.

P.S. Do you need to know who is Satoshi Nakamoto look at Sasha Alex Trusk, from Hypercube movie.

Mrs. Paley is partially Ph. D. of Math Valentina Oleksandrivna Kaidan, and partially mentally ill women who lives somewhere over Buchma Street, on whom they tried new cures.
Colonel Thomas H. Maguire is character of Ukrainian actor Amvrosiy Buchma, on whose street on demand of Cam-de-sewm they killed local gang leader Savlokhov, first using him for intimidations.
Simon Grady is character played by Russian Actor Solomin (also played Doctor Watson).
If Sasha is Satoshi Nakamotov, what is the name of person who plays him.

And let me open you another secret in first movie from trilogy Cube, Kazan is not only a prison in Russian Kazan, Kazan is also a big metal bowl used for cooking, resembling pot, which in its order used as slang "unprofessional", "dumb".
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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: What wast that kind of alert message with Satoshi code mean?

Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:44 pm

Looked a these pictures of blasted house several hours ago.
(Linked article is on Ukrainian? but with pictures.) https://www.obozrevatel.com/ukr/kiyany/ ... i-foto.htm

That is how we solve problems with Security Service of Ukraine, and terror structures of debil's country gov't
Near the residence of Ukrainian gov't members and maniacs served as Ukrainian ministers of interior, the lightning blasted a house with only ruins remained. It makes to them beast's fear to stop them for some while. The exact location of blasted house if village Lisky near Koncha-Zaspa.

Similar one, just less powerful, it was near the office of WebMoney, about what I reported yesterday, it was before before we launched BitCoin project.
The Bit-Coin and Independent Electronic Money projects were made to turn horns of that beasts (bydlo), to pacify them with their corruption and violence spread over Western Europe.

What makes blast on distance is actually main job of Satoshi, and it is situated near London.

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Re: What wast that kind of alert message with Satoshi code mean?

Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:13 am

This question can not be set aside, all who are connected with the creep currencies should follow the news, as this can affect their quantity and quality. I did not have many questions for a long time, to which I could not find answers. Because of this, I suffered, now I always read Solicitors Guru and I feel safe.

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