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Licenses for cryptocurrencies and other activities

Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:25 pm a legal services company in Estonia providing resolutions and documents for crypto projects.
In Estonia every license is issued by the Estonian Anti Money Laundering Bureau of the Police and Border Guard Board. Licenses in the field of cryptocurrencies include 2 types of licenses.
-The first license is titled Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency”. This license provides an opportunity to buy, sell or mediate funds of monetary value by which financial obligations can be performed or which can be exchanged against official/fiat currency.
-The second license allows to provide virtual wallet services - storage or transfer of virtual currencies (i.e. bitcoins).

We will help with the development of the following ICO documentation:
- Contract offer;
- White Paper;
- One Pager;
- Terms & Conditions;
- Token Sale Agreement;
- Privacy Policy;
- AML Policy.

We offer licenses for the exchange of cryptocurrency in:
- Estonia;
- Japan;
- Australia.

Our case studies include:

Our main services that we offer to our clients include:
- Registration and support of legal entities, as well as corporate accounts in banks around the world;
- Obtaining residence permits and citizenship around the world;
- Consulting in the field of cryptocurrencies;
- Obtaining licenses.

Among other available licenses are:

● Finance institution license (either as lender and/or lessor);
● License for the provision of trust fund services and business associations;
● Credit institution license;
● License of the provision of insurance services;
● License of the intermediary in the field of insurance;
● "Forex" license;
● Investment and pension funds license;
● Investment license;
● License for the establishment of electronic money;
● Payment institution license.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us - we are ready to respond and to resolve any issues!
Viber - +43 69910378449
Skype -
Telegram -
Mail -
Phone - 8 800 200 99 67
+7 495 133 62 64

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