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Silly Not-Classic code released

Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:39 am

Well, after the Not-XT code it was only a matter of time before the Not-Classic code was released.

Some joker has modified the bitcoin core source code so that it pretends to be a Classic node, but it is unable to accept the larger blocks that it pretends to accept. So it would be designed to break the network.

But it won't, it can't and so It really does not matter if some nodes are spoofing their identifier. There will be enough legitimate Classic nodes to compensate for any fake ones. It was always possible to spoof the version string (I did this with bitcoin XT, and made it look like a regular client, when my node was DDoSsed off of the internet. - This was before the stealth mode was created).

I wonder if the classic nodes will get DDoSed now too. Probably ;)
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