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[ANN] LAUNCH: BudBNK™ - Decentralized Cannabis BNK'ing Applications & Solutions #CannaBanking

Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:49 am

BudBNK™ - Decentralized Cannabis BNK'ing Applications & Solutions
Contact Email: budtenda@gmx.com

BudBNK™ is the world's first decentralized BNK'ing application with it's very own digital currency unit specifically designed for the legal cannabis industry. BudBNK™ is a mobile application that allows users to buy, sell, spend, & store digital currency. Unlike traditional cannabis oriented developments, BudBNK™ is more than just money! Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption & innovative technologies we have built a stand alone platform that allows both buyers/sellers of cannabis based products & services to conduct business transparently with "NO" internal bank seizures or government intervention.

BudBNK™ users are 100% in control of their cannabis BNK'ing! BudBNK™ is a digital BNK! Your digital BNK!

BudBNK's mobile application & underlying digital currency can be used as:

- BudBNK™ is built off blockchain technology the force that drives bitcoin. The BudBNK™ mobile application allows cannabis consumers, merchants, & patients to establish their very own peer-to-peer digital bank with an underlying digital currency unit that once listed on public cryptocurrency exchanges will peg to traditional fiat & major cryptocurrency pairs. Users generate both public & private addresses linked to their BudBNK™ mobile wallet which allows for both deposit & withdrawal of funds with minimal delays.

Public BudBNK [BUDS] Address(s) = Deposits
Private BudBNK [BUDS] Address(s) = Withdrawals

- BudBNK™ is it's own economy backed by it's own digital currency unit called, "BUDS". In order to operate a BNK efficiently, more specifically, an economy, the infrastructure needs an 'asset of exchange' with a value scale. EX: "In the prison economy 'cigarettes' are considered the 'base currency' of the land & used in everyday P2P exchange and/or transactions." BudBNK™ is steadfast in distributing BUDS 'exclusively' to consumers, merchants, & patients of the legalized cannabis markets while creating a unique storage of value for cannabis community members.

What are BUDS? How can they benefit my cannabis business?

BUDS are decentralized blockchain based digitalized payment units that can be used to facilitate offline/online legal cannabis related transactions 'without' biased laws & red tape imposed by traditional financial institutions. BUDS eliminate the need of centralized bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, & Western Union like services while providing a remedy to legal cannabis banking restrictions. BUDS allow anyone in the world with internet access the ability to cannabank! Regardless of your credit rating, chex systems profile, etc. BUDS offers 100% guaranteed BNK'ing & merchant approval free of charge!

We strongly believe regardless of 'full blown' cannabis legalization the BudBNK™ user base will continue to bud due to the anonymity, security, speed, & transparency factors our platform provides. Cannabis has a culture that has been outlawed by many for years & the idea of them finally agreeing to legalize it strictly to capitalize off taxes doesn't change the minds of those who struggled throughout prohibition.

Why use a bank? When you can own one!
Consumer, Merchant, Patient, Investor, Contact: budtenda@gmx.com


Unit Name: BudBNK
Unit Exchange Symbol: BUDS
Unit Type: PoS
Unit Total Supply: 4.2M (Rarity)


* Bud Explorer (Blockchain)
* BudTenda
* BudTella
* BudTippa
* Exchange Listing(s)
* Faucet (Private) Consumers, Merchants, & Patients (PW Protected/Hourly Payouts)
* GitHub
* Nodes
* Ports
* Wallets - Android, Linux, Paper, Web, Windows
& More!


FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/bud.bnk?_rdr=p
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/budbnk

Launch to be announced! Email for info: budtenda@gmx.com

Contact: budtenda@gmx.com

Jan 22, 2016 | BudBNK™ is Micro-payments for the legal Cannabis industry!
Jan 22, 2016 | BudBNK™ to peg Class A, B, C, Units to The Price Of Weed in Colorado!
Jan 22, 2016 | BudBNK™ Cannabis Burn Return Program | Death to CannaCON

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