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SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner

Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:15 pm

Download V1.5.9:

Mega:!LqJ23Jia!zQKOlsEEAdZT ... KmCnusRr5w


- Cryptonight
- Cryptonight B7
- Cryptonight Light
- Cryptonight Light B7
- Cryptonight Heavy
- Cryptonight Ipbc
- Cryptonight ArtoCash
- Cryptonight Alloy

supports with nicehash, with nicehash, B7 & SSL and TLS encrypted connections

ADL Tested & Working with Radeon Software Raspberry to Survive Beta for Blocker Computing Driver Version 17.30.1029

what can this miner offer you in addition to the standard mining function:

- low DevFee (0.85%) -> every ~ 2 hours 1 minute extraction for virgins
- non-aggressive DevFee extraction -> if the miner can not connect to the DevFee pool, no problem, when switching back to the pool user as soon as possible

- only one parameter, you must play with: intensity (0 - 300)
- leave the intensity at 0, and Miner will try to set the minimum intensity of the launch automatically
- for even better results, it is possible to use a double thread

- Watchdog Timer that tracks your "GPU threads", if they stop working, there is a miner, and restart the script starts the miner again
- install a temperature shutdown system, to protect the video card from overheating
- Restart (disable / enable) all your Vega GPU from the devcon congress to the mining
- API for monitoring equipment

- If you leave the intensity at 0 it will play safe, so in many cases you can increase this value to get better results
on the best results double_threads set to True, and leave the intensity at 0
- If you get an error message that says that you can not create a notepad, the buffer, you need to reduce the intensity
The amount of intensity does not always give you the best personal. Experiment and find the best settings for your GPU.

How do I configure it?
Read the text below

Fast start

For a quick start, run the file "SRBMiner-CN.exe" and the miner will be able to start working after setting it

config file:

"cryptonight_type": "normal, NORMALV7, Light, LITEV7, heavy, IPBC, ARTOCASH or alloy"
"intensity": a number from 0-300,
"double_threads": True or false

some examples for "cryptonight_type"

+ Electroneum
+ ByteCoin
+ Carbo
+ DigitalNote
+ Leviar

+ Moner
+ Stellite
+ Intensive
+ vaccination
+ Decor

+ Aeon

+ Turtlecoin
+ Iridium

+ Sumokoin
+ not
+ Loki

+ Ipbc

+ Artocash

+ alloy

Extra options :

"giveup_limit": How many times to connect to the pool before switching to the next pool
"timeout": when the pool is treated as a timeout in seconds
"retry_time": how much to wait before reconnecting after disconnecting from the pool, in seconds
"reboot_script": name, disable the built-in watchdog and instead of running certain users. Bat file if the video card fails (in the bundle, restart Windows .weet mouse)
"restart_devices_on_startup": if it is true it will use the devcon program to disable / enable each Vega GPU in the machine before production begins
"restart_devices_on_startup_script": by name, this script is run after the GPU has enabled / disabled the process, for example, overclocking settings

"api_enabled": true or false
"api_rig_name": the identifier of your equipment
"api_port": the port on which the rest API works (by default 21555 if not set)

AMD OverdriveNext API supported by GPUs can be used:
"target_temperature": a number in the range from 0-99, the Miner will try to keep this temperature at GP
"shutdown_temperature": a number from 0-100, if this temperature is reached, the miner is shut off system

# install the driver manually
# this example uses GPU devices with ID 0,1,3,4 and each GPU has its own parameter
{"identifier": 0, "intensity": 80, "worksize": 8, "threads": 1},
{"Identifier": 1, "intensity": 40, "worksize": 8, "threads": 2},
{"Identifier": 3, "intensity": 30, "worksize": 8, "threads": 2},
{"Identifier": 4, "intensity": 90, "worksize": 8, "threads": 1}

Some additional parameters that you can use in gpu_conf are:

"Kernel": 0-4, if 0, Shakhtar will pick up the most suitable cores, the rest are 1-on gcn cards, 2 for pre-journalist cards, 3 for Pre-Z experimental 1, 4-for Pre-Z pilot 2
"target_temperature": a number in the range of 0-99, the Miner will try to maintain this temperature of the GPU. If the TARGET_TEMPERATURE parameter is not equal to zero by the configuration of the top part, this parameter is ignored
"target_fan_speed": the number is from 0-6000, rpm (rpm) is the fan speed. Not in percent% at the moment, unfortunately Smiley

, so if you for example. there are 6 GPUs, but want to use only 3, the first launch of SRBPolaris-CN.exe islistdevices in the device list and their identifiers, which you can put in the configuration file under the gpu_conf part.

Do not comment out or delete the intensity and double_threads setting at the top of the configuration file, leave it as is, because when you use one card settings, these settings will be ignored.

Pools file:

"swimming pools":
{"pool_use_tls": false, "maintaining": false, "pool": "pool1address", "wallet": "pool1wallet", "password": "x"},
{"pool_use_tls": false, "maintaining": true, "pool": "pool2address", "wallet": "pool2wallet", "password": "x",},
{"pool_use_tls": false, "maintaining": false, "pool": "pool3address", "wallet": "pool3wallet", "password": "x",}

after installing the config.txt file, just start the Start. bat
if you want to create a separate config and pools for different coins, use the --config option and the pools - option.


- press 's' to see some basic statistics
- press 'H' to see the hashing speed
- press "p" to quickly navigate to the next pool from the pool config file
- press a digit from 0-9 to disable / enable from gpu0-gpu9, then Shift + 0 for gpu10, cipher + 1 For gpu11..etc. up to gpu19 (shift + 9)

parameters (go to the volatile mouse):

- Configure the name (use the config file other than config.txt)
- the name of the pools (swimming pools pools.txt)
--logfile filename (enable logging to a file)
--listdevices (list of available devices)
--adldisable (disable ADL)
--disablegpuwatchdog (disable GPU crash detection)

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