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BOScoin – advantages for your business

Mon May 08, 2017 1:25 am

BOScoin, the first global crypto currency issued in Korea, is a crypto currency that uses a chain of blocks, an ontology language and calculated automation technologies to solve persistent problems in decentralized systems. On the eve of BOScoin, more than 2,000 BTC (about 2 million US dollars) have already gathered in the domestic market for two months.

* BOScoin - the platform of decentralized crypto currency in Congress for Trust Contracts, based on the ontology language and automated in time.
Yezun Choi, Technical Director of BlockchainOS and CEO, presents the current state of the block chain: "In the crypto-currency and block chains, two main problems must be solved. The first problem is related to the integrity of Dapps (decentralized applications) on the Second chain - this is the consensus mechanism necessary to confirm the data about the chain of blocks and the decision-making process for reviewing policies implemented in the main lock algorithm. We have been working on these major issues for more than two years now and are opening our study to the public. "
BOScoin, Trust Contracts and Congress Network are working on an alternative flowchart called OWLchain. By integrating the ontology language OWLchain and synchronized automata into the block chain, the BOScoin and Trust Trust contracts will serve as a digital currency and an intellectual contract with an inherent security assurance. And management through the Congress network ensures that the relevant proposals for the blockage will be discussed and applied for the desired time.

Trusted contracts are predefined programs or rules that users can create. As with Ethereum, the BOScoin team also seeks to create a general-purpose language on top of the blockbuster, so that everyone can write, download, and execute contracts. However, the BOScoin approach is technically different from Ethereum. The BOScoin team believes that security is the most important principle for smart contracts on a detachment.

Congress is a management system within the BOScoin platform. Many decentralized organizations suffer from a poor decision-making process. That's why in BOScoin all site operators are given the right to vote to decide how to allocate the Budget Commons. With this vote, site operators can accept or reject offers generated in the community. Anyone can make suggestions for using BOScoin. BOScoin believes that such a democratic system is the key to maintaining and growing BOScoin.

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Re: BOScoin – advantages for your business

Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:54 pm

Any governmental structures that are already working with BOScoin?
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Re: BOScoin – advantages for your business

Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:03 pm

t is very interesting. I did not think that the government deals with cryptocurrencies and on its platform.

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