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Faucet cepat, lancar dan berbayar (Clean, fast and paying faucets)

Sun Sep 25, 2016 12:29 am

Hello guys! Want to share 2 brand new faucets managed by respected old admins. Pay fast and plenty. All sites are super clean (easy to load no pop ups and bad script)

1. 300 sat per 30 min, and can bet with it like a dice game. 100% REFERRAL! https://goo.gl/23Gawj instant faucetbox payout

2. Site wants to be like moonbit. 200+sats every 5 mins, amount increases if you leave it like moonbit. Very fast to reach 10k. 1% bonus per login day, 1% bonus per ref. so you can even go up to 300 sats per 5 mins. https://goo.gl/LMGXXj Payout auto every week, anytime instant if you reach 50k (I make 30k per day from this)

3. Paying every hour plus, free $200 daily lottery and $2000 weekly lottery. I share half of all referral bonus through the system so join and get extra satoshi from me for free! https://goo.gl/Bd0JYR

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