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I am not connected to xDedic at they insinuate.

Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:01 am

I am inventor of Bitcoin. (Satoshi Nakanoto fulfilled his job, implementing my basic project.) I am not officially but very actually internated in Kiev (Kyiv). And again it was insinuated my connections this time not with Avalanche or that pedophile but with xDedic. They did it particularly with Ukrainian MIA Arsen Avakiyan.
Ones again I have no connections to that xDedic, as those insinuate.
Last time that insinuated my connections to Avalanche (I believe it was created "Avalanche" to discredit me.) Needless to say a year ago they stopped when minister of interior Arsen Avakiyan (AKA Avakov) was nearly killed by avalanche, on Italian resort located near the French border. It was snow clouds were enormousness moved there with similar weather anomaly, as it demolished resort city of Antalia this winter. Since Avakiyan plotted his vocation in Antalia. (Optionally his summer vocation were optioned with flood over Southerner Italy. Short before he found connection in Turkey with his Armians and already mined crypto-them. With last summer's Interpol orgy involving Turkey, Armenian, Azerbaijan and Ukraine) And this time they stopped insinuating my connections with xDedic. With xDedic I could not, not to cross at all, but I even do not know who they are, of those who ever appeared at my possession, with my spy's habit to dig.

That state American banker Avakiyan faster of all has connection to minister of Interior in their Armenian version of "la familia".

I only connected to Anonymous and in each case not directly. Those who believe they are Anonymous leaders, indeed even do not know they are top of the iceberg. The naming of organization begins from my offer to Ian Clark to use as slogan "We are different we are anonymous" for the Freenet. I am not as idealistic as they are, and actually I look at principles of Anonymous from more pragmatic reason, however the violations for me and for them are looking very similar.

P.S. Yes the wonderful weapon system used to attack them. Is a little help from my friend, which gets me high.

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