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Crypto after Bitcoin Core collapse.

Mon May 28, 2018 5:29 pm

I promised it will be published Blockchain initial codes of Bitcoin Core, which Satoshi Nakamoto left to my friends from London.
This time we actively prepare Crypto-Pound, Crypto-Escudo, and some other centralized crypto-currencies and even attempted to convince Lugansk and Donets republics and Prednestrove to establish their own crypto-currencies. But it seams their enthusiasm is quite modest.

Centralized crypto-currencies are not same what is electronic money as eGold, WebMoney. Basically decentralized crypto-currency it is just like decentralized just instead of peer-to-peer network, all the crypto-transactions are registered by the central server or server farm or few.

As crypto such currencies resolve.

@ It no way to manipulate with belonging of money, because of same crypto-paiments sequences have to be used as in decentralized payments, .

@ It ought to be audit with all free scanning over network to check out blockchain integrity, preventing Ukrainian-government and National Bank scam scheme used in 1990th, with IMF, and US dep. of state support for that.

@ No Accounts, your codes is actually your money, just like banknotes in your pocket.

@ Hacking of central server gives only very very limited resolution for fraud, unrealistically small and basically would rather stop transactions then would permit to steal anything.Crypto after Bitcoin Core collapse.

As Centralized they resolve.

@ Authority may destroy used money, marking them as blackmoney in transactions base and issue new parts of block-chain not changed for too tiny factions (as it are many block-chain faction in 10-100 satoshi from faucets). But only when authorities receive them, as for example to be exchanged for new or for another currency.

@ Integration with account. It is easy to integrate crypto-currency with account, for those who wants that, when payments are committed from the name of bank reflected in transaction base, as belonged to bank or payment between of banks. It is much easier to do it when crypto-currency is centralized and has clear emittent, and its servers actually manage the fact of transaction and crypto-currency belonging.

@ The speed of transaction must be much quicker after no need to invoke the whole network.

@ And the initial codes have to be saved by particular authority, which is their only interest to preserve just like they preserve stamps for for coins and banknotes.

@ It is way to manage crypto-currency rate volatility, with currency exchange regulations by currency traders, and with authorities regulating emission and exchanging it for another currencies.

@ Low transaction fee or no fee at all. With no network, to commit transaction it is necessary to do only registration of transaction, which is nearly same as to post any message on social network.

@ Because of the same as above, it is also energy saving.

@ No need for mining at all. With that grim miming tycoons, to establish their rules.

The brief history of Postal Stamps (also used as kind of currency) has examples of declining some of issued stamps, when later almost always they had to restore all the declined stamps. It is nearly impossible that in state of constant audit authorities could destroy any part of such money.

Inflation is a basic problem for any currency issued by any authority, but if you are authority and you are not Ukrainias in 1990th why would you need to make hyper-inflations for your currency?

I believe after some while you could pay for coffee in crypto-talants from Latin American El Dorado even quicker as with your credit card refilled with Bitcoins.

We could tolerate Bitcoin if it fulfilled at least one of functions.

@ To be a sponge for bloody dollars, when Bitcoin tycoons agreed with US their common policy preventing that. And they may have more Bitcoins. We also may help they could issue as many of them as they may only wish. (Just like those who buy tons of black money in London, attempting to wash them, with vinegar, several kinds of cleaners, solvents ect..) Basically I have no desire to disapprove reasons of those as Mr. Adresen, and their traditional "may be".

@ I could get some money (it are at least few reasons why not.) When marauders preventing me to have at least some profits, being so proud about them may do so, employing Security Service of Ukraine various Ukrainian and POlish Law enforcement structures. It was a problem to buy even some Bitcoins when they were cheap. Nor my friends may not pass it to me, not to be identified.

We do not need it ever again, soon we will establish precedent of opening initial codes of block-chain for most influent crypto-currency.
The certain publishing moment will be a surprise event.

Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Crypto after Bitcoin Core collapse.

Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:28 am

The right to open initial BitCoin Core Block-Chain codes is delegated to British Monarch.

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Re: Crypto after Bitcoin Core collapse.

Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:19 pm

Manual for getting $ 25 free for registering on the blockchain

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