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ICOs false marketing is destructive. ICOs must provide real & honest values

Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:35 am

ICO guides are not what will save ICO's, But it's a start. the problem with ICO's is that in the first place most of them open with the purpose to be a scam.
So to all those bad apples out there, I don't refer to you.

For the real projects out there that want to provide real value and contributed to there target audience,
this ICO/STO marketing Guide includes basic guideline, an important point on how to build your marketing campaign, no bullshit, and no false promises.

ICO's/STO's are crucial for the ecosystem be able to grow, that why I mad this guide. I hope that will help to some of you.

"Try to explain your idea to one of your non-technical friends.
Did they get it? If the answer is NO, work on it until it becomes YES"

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