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How much does it cost to build your own ICO, all the secrets.

Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:53 pm

Building an ICO, or any project actually is a big task, the money/budget you invest in it it's only up to you, you can do it cheap and smart, or you can spend dozens of dollars and get shitty results, the idea is to do things smartly and find the balance

Here I will publish the parameters of every aspect in building and launching an ICO and the approximate price base on my knowledge and my experience, in addition, I will add a few things you should definitely avoid well building your ICO

1-Concept: Concepts are mental objects or abilities that create fundamental beliefs regarding your project. They play an important role in all aspects of your ICO

The estimated budget for conceptual development: 15-75k depending on the complexity of the technology and token economics underlying the product. If it’s a simple project and you have an experienced in-house team, you can potentially develop the concept in 2 weeks, which means cutting costs to less than 10k (depending on employee salaries)

2- ICO Technology Development

Estimated budget: 25-50k depending on the complexity and scope of the problem you are addressing and the number of industry professionals you require to tackle the problem.

ICO Development – Legal side(Important)

Estimated budget: An estimated 100-200k to engage a competent advisory/consultant in legal and compliance, and also depending on where the lawyer is based and their hourly rates. Some reputable law firms are charging up to 400k for this component, but you do not necessarily have to part with this amount of money as long as you are reasonably assured that your legal counsel is keeping up with ICO best-practices and regulations.

ICO Development – Token Sale System Development

Estimated budget: 65-100k to launch off existing platforms that could provide you with a white-labeled platform to launch the sale. Developing the platform in-house would cost more than this and require a longer development timeline.

ICO Development – Cybersecurity Management

Estimated budget: Any budget allocated to preventing yourself from getting hacked is money well spent. The bare necessities of cybersecurity measures require around 40k, although it’s never a waste to spend on additional efforts at protecting your infrastructure.

Digital marketing (The full info about the marketing side you may find here in thisICO/STO PR Guide It can save you some important dollars from your budget.

Hope you find it useful/Interesting:)

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