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[ANN][ICO] AIXEUS - AI + Elastic Blockchain + Qntm-prf Holog. Avatars

Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:10 am

AIXEUS - World's First AI-Powered Elastic Blockchains for the SmartWeb





1. AIXEUS = AI-Neural Networks + Elastic Blockchains + Anonymized Data Transfer and -Protection by Quantum-Proof Dynamic Holographic Avatars.

AIXEUS is an AI-powered Elastic Blockchain platform and OS for superfast, supersafe and anonymized data -sharing and -storing, web-browsing (SmartWeb 3.0!) and many more.

A new powerful OS protocol and platform that makes data -sharing and -storing, banking and financial transactions much more private (anonymized), faster, cheaper and more secure (Quantum-proof) than the current mainstream platforms. It can also be used for all kinds of industries where data is critical: banking, financials marketing, social media, science, IOT, IIOT, insurance, legal and many more.

2. Dynamic Holographic Avatars for Protection of Data and Privacy.
Aixeus generates unique Quantum-proof dynamic holographic avatars to protect data and the privacy of users; instead of using pseudonyms that we see on current platforms.

ProXeus will be our usercase of the SmartWeb 3.0.

3. 2-Stage Dual Token Sale: Utility and Security Tokens.

Stage 1: ICO - XAI-Utility tokens. Q1-Q2 2019.
Stage 2: STO - S-XAI Security Tokens; Q3 / Q4 2019.

Tokens per AIrdrop: 15 XAI.
Tokens Per Referral: 8 XAI.

Collected Tokens will be transferred to Airdrop participants' Stellar accounts and "frozen" till end of ICO. After the end of this ICO, the tokens will be released and holders are eligible to trade it on exchanges or trade it for our Security Tokens (S-XAI); stage 2.

4. Our website with Whitepaper.
We have a great team with lot of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and ICO's (see website).

5. Instructions:

1. You collect tokens the moment you join our Telegram channel Aixeus
2. Start Airdrop campaign at Follow the instructions. Start the application by typing ” /start “.
3. Invite new members to and the Create your pesonal referral code within aixeus-bot.
4. Add the sentence "Proud member of AIXEUS! Join the new Blockchain- and Internet Revolution!" at every invitation.
5. Follow AIXEUS on Twitter:
6. Promote AIXEUS on Twitter. Add your personal referral code to your tweet.
7. Every new member will receive 15 Free XAI Tokens (approx. $12).
Get an extra 8 XAI for every new registered member that you referred to our Airdrop/Bounty platform.
8. Note: We use the Stellar platform. In order to receive our tokens you need to create a Stellar account first.
9. More information: ... campaigns/
10. Max. participants: 10,000.
11. US Citizens are excluded from this airdrop.

6. Social Media.

7. Creating Stellar Wallets:

Creating Stellar Accounts is very easy ( in less than 15 seconds !): ... ork=public
Choose the wallet that suits your needs.


Join the Revolution!

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