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Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:38 am

The various potentials of the internet of things cannot be overemphasized. Thus, the various potentials which the iot industry shows had seen to its mass adoption for over past decades. The internet of things is a network of digital devices which are interconnected to the internet, it creates a secure network for the connected devices to interact, share and exchange data and information, analyze it and create a new a paradigm to help them perform various task effectively.


The internet of things brings more devices together, giving them the opportunity to communicate not only within a private or close network but across a wide range of network to create a more connected world. These devices ranges from simple sensors, smartphones, laptops, digital wearables which are capable of connecting to the internet. The benefits of the internet of things is spread to virtually all life sectors, In healthcare, IoT offers many benefits, including the ability to monitor patients more closely to use the data that's generated and analyze it. Hospitals often use IoT systems to complete tasks such as inventory management, for both pharmaceuticals and medical instruments.

Smart buildings can, for instance, reduce energy costs using sensors that detect how many occupants are in a room. The temperature can adjust automatically -- for example, turning the air conditioner on if sensors detect a conference room is full or turning the heat down if everyone in the office has gone home. In a smart city, IoT sensors and deployments, such as smart streetlights and smart meters, can help alleviate traffic, conserve energy, monitor and address environmental concerns, and improve sanitation.


The athero blockchain emerges to bring about a new paradigm in the iot industry and cryptofinance operational model by the combination of many cutting edge Technologies and sectors. Thus the athero platform will consist of the blockchain technology, the internet of things, the asymmetric encryption technology and the general finance sectors. The platform will create a high a scalable ecosystem that will bring about a secure network for the iot devices connections. The platform is on the verge of creating a turnaround solution for the entire cryptofinace.

However, as a growing technology, the IOT industry is being plagued by certain limitation and these limitations are to be resolve in order for the industry to reach and exhibit its full potentials. Among these problems are the security of the iot connections, There are many reasons behind the current state of insecurity in the current IoT system. Some of it has to do with the industry being in its “gold rush” state, where every manufacturers are hastily seeking to dish out the next innovative connected gadget before competitors do. Under such circumstances, functionality becomes the main focus and security takes a back seat.


A recent analysis predicts a loss of up to $120 billion in economic fallout in the takedown of just one cloud datacenter. The connectivity issues and data transfer speed is also among the problems of the industry, the current model of IOT devices utilizes central servers to provide connectivities to various networks, servers. Although this model still work arguably fine but the entire iot industry is still termed to be in its infancy stage, just imagine what will happen when billions of devices started using these connections.


ATHERO will adopt the blockchain technology as its underlying technology because The blockchain is a form of technology that introduces for the first time, a cryptographic secure digital database of transactions that does not possess the points of failure and security issues of traditional databases. Its unique characteristics provide the potential for blockchain based products and services to disrupt many business models in many industries. blockchain implementations can be relatively cheap and require considerably less IT investment to maintain.


Athero will leverage the huge potential of blockchain to create new bussines and operational models to bring a measurable benefits and value to the IOT industry and the antire commerce. The Athero blockchain protocol was designed purposefully to solve the various challenges that plagues the Iot industry which limit the cordial interaction between connected devices as well as effective exchange and sharing of data between the iot devices

The athero blockchain is created by the combination of several different existing technologies such as the internet of things, the blockchain technology, the assymetric encryption and decryption technology to bring about augmented security support to the various security provided by the blockchain technology . ATHERO recognizes the fact that these various technologies have created innovative theories to bring about solutions to real world problems but however there are few points and areas left out. Thus, it will combine their innovative theories to bring about a new cutting edge solutions


ATHERO created its token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token will searve as the main currency of the platform that will be used in carrying out various functionalities within the ather ecosystem. The token name is ATHEROTOKEN (THO). The total token minted is 2,000,000,000 THO tokens. The token is created on the ethereum blockchain which later be swap to the athero blockchain

Token Name: AtheroToken

Symbol: THO

Soft cap: $18,000,000

Ico price : 1 THO = 0.04 USD



Athero is not providing improvements to only the IOT industry, it will be providing array of functionalities such a secure Decentralized applications (Dapps) infrastructures for various enterprises to easily build and deploy their Dapps. It will also create a decentralized exchange for it users to have a seamless trading experience where the activities of the exchange will not be store on a central body but on the secure blockchain. Athero will also provide Wifi ready solar smart bench network. Located across the world in smart cities. Smart car parking technology, Sensors for a smart and healthy environment. Thus athero will provide real life application.








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