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Crypto Calls Australia CCA 300 Spartan Complete Crypto Trading Training Course

Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:26 am

Hey everyone,

If your looking for good course to help you learn how to trade crypto, you should check out Crypto Calls Australia (on Facebook) 300 Spartan Training course. The course is comprised of;

Lesson 1: Course Intro and Overview (Length 1:50:50)
Lesson 2: Support and Resistance (Length 1:45:17)
Lesson 3: Market Structure & Trend Lines (Length 1:34:26)
Lesson 4: Market Patterns Triangles, H&S (Length 1:47:50)
Lesson 5: Fibs (Length 1:12:20)
Lesson 6: Candlestick Analysis (Length 1:48:20)
Lesson 7: RSI & Bollinger Bands (Length 1:53:52)
Lesson 8: Elliot Waves & Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (Length 1:56:53)
Lesson 9: Entries and Exits (Length 1:44:19)
Lesson 10: Trade Plan (Length 1:37:32)
Lesson 11: Trader Psychology (Length 1:31:03)

However if you don't want to pay the $500 fee to access the private group before reviewing the material they offer, I have merged all the lessons above into a single video and uploaded them to the following links;

720P MP4 (7.77GB)

720P MKV (3.08GB)



I hope this helps anybody wanting to learn to trade crypto.

Of course if you like these lessons, go check out the Facebook group Crypto Calls Australia, and Michael Slogget's twitter page.

Otherwise feel free to comment what you think of these lessons. Please feel free to share.

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